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Product name:  Laundry Ironing Belts

Item No.: L-020

Material: Nomex,Polyester

L-020  Laundry ironing belts are used on commercial ironer or industrial ironer, they are working  on the ironer heating part, so strict of the belts on the ironer can heat resistant the high temperature,Normally Steam ironer use woven ironer belts, Gas and Oil heating Ironer use 50%nomex/50%polyester ironing belts or 100%nomex belts, Hongkong xinyun can offer those all ironing belts.

Our laundry belts has the advantage of heat resistance and durable. We can produce kinds of ironing belts  and below is four basic ironing belt, you can choose them for different ironing machine.

L-021  100% Nomex(Meta Aramid)ironer belt, thickness has 2mm, 3mm and 5mm  Advantage: high air permeability. (2mmT can replaces the traditional (brown) chicago belt).

Density:1200gsm(5mm) ,700gsm(3mm),500gsm(2mm)

Working Temperature:240℃(5mm), 210℃ (3mm,2mm)

Suitable Machine:oil heating ironer

L-022 50% nomex(meta aramid)and 50% polyester fibers Ironer Belt, we use 100% Nomex for the base cloth, which have better stability and longer lifespan.
Working temperature:below 210℃
Suitable Machine:steam, electricity and oil heating ironer

L-023 Chicago ironer belt(aramid ironer belt), brown, especially used on chicago machine.
Working Temperature:Around 200º C
Suitable Machine:Chicago band machine,Speed Queen, etc.

L-024 Woven type polyester ironing belt(canvas belt), especially used on Chinese made machine.
Working Temperature:Below 160º C
Suitable Machine:Chinese Ironer,such as Shenguang