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Product name:    Folding Machine Belt

Item No.: L-040

Material: Cotton

Laundry Folding belt is a key component of commercial laundry folding machines. It is responsible for folding and stacking the flatwork, such as sheets and towels, into neat piles. The folding belt is made of a durable material that can withstand the high temperatures and heavy use of commercial laundry operations.

Different laundry folder machine match with different cotton belts, we have red line cotton belts, anti static cotton belt,elastic cotton belt,rubber cotton belt for customer choose.

Hongkong xinyun apply pure cotton material which be weaved by professional heavy equipment and disposed by high temperature coating, becoming high density, steady size, high friction and anti-static, which is suitable for all the folder or stacker and feeding machine.It can be supplied in roll or along with clips and pins which can be made up ready to use.

L-041  Cotton Belt , with one or two red line on both side as customer request,100% cotton with small shrinkage.
Width: 35mm,50mm,65mm,75mm,100mm

L-044 Anti-static cotton belt ,material is cotton with anti static wire material.
Width:35mm, 50mm,65mm,75mm,100mm

L-042 Rubber cotton belt,with rough rubber surface and woven cotton in the bottom, for non-slip application.
Width: 50mm

L-043 Elastic cotton belt, has strong tensile and elasticity
Width: 50mm,100mm

heat sealing cloth ,  it’s more firm and not easy to take off, can protect the folding belt’s end makes the belts works longer. (need to work with a hot press machine which we can also offer)


Heat press machine.Work  under the pressure and high temperature of the press machine, the sealing cloth will fuse to the surface of the cotton belt and firmly bonded together,