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More Information About Spiral Lace Fasteners (Nylon Hooks)

Spiral hook also known called nylon hook it is special for our laundry cotton belts and ironer belts. Nylon hooks are constructed of double-layer polyester webbing, black spirals and hinge pins. Can be installed by inserting between layers, layer stepping or finger...

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A way put the guide tape more faster on ironer machine ?

Guide tape is an important part in commercial laundry ironer machine,almost every ironer machine needs to replace the tape every 2-3months. However to put on the guide tape is a troublesome thing.In the past,there are 3 ways to joint the tapes: 1. . Tie a knot by...

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Textile Machinery Finishing Parts

The following is a brief introduction of our textile felt, so that you can easily understand our products on textile fininshing field.  ET-P1 Heat transfer printing felt Especially used on brand of Monti, Pengda, Klieverik, Practix,Kala,Diferro,Transmatic, Lemaire,...

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