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Product name:  Ironer spring,steelwool


Flatwork ironer spring padding, ironer spring is used below the ironer padding of chest heated ironer. It is the simplest and most efficient permanent spring system and has outlived all other traditional ironing machine padding systems.
The ironing machine spring consists of a continuous wire that forms a spring side-by-side on a continuous strip of metal, simply coiled around the rollers of most existing ironing machines to produce a uniform spring cover.
Some older ironers, after winding with spring will also pack with steel wool (steel velvet).


L-077  Ironer Spring
Material: galvanized steel
Types: with holes inside and without a hole.

1. maintenance costs and extended padding life.
2. The spring compresses the ironer padding and distributes the total ironing pressure evenly over the entire surface, thus improving the ironing quality of the cloth.

L-0771 Steel Wool / Steel Velvet
Package: 20kg/Box
Packed the spring for some ironer machine