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Product name:  Ironer Powder Wax, Waxing cloth, Stainless steel conditioning cloth


Cleaning the ironer chest can help prevent buildup and reduce flatwork rejects
The ironer powder wax is easy to use and is designed to lubricate the chest of the ironing machine. Usually, work with wax cloth.
Can be used with any application cloth, can also be used by hand for general applications.
Ironer powder wax polish the chest, protect the liner and padding and prevent rusting.

L-071 Ironer Powder Wax
We offer two types of powder wax: particle and flake
Weight: 50 pound / bucket
Available for all types of steam-heated ironing machines.

L-072 Cleaning Cloth
size is 2.3m*2.9m.
Feature: with one piece stainless steel.
Usage: waxing, keep the roller lubricating (normally used every day)

L-073 Stainless steel conditioning cloth
Feature: with three pieces of stainless steel
Usage: Remove dirt and rust (normally used once a week)