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Biscuit Cotton Belt01 Biscuit Cotton Belt01
Biscuit Cotton Conveyor Belt Biscuit Cotton Conveyor Belt
endless cotton biscuit belt endless cotton biscuit belt

Product name:  Biscuit Cotton Conveyor Belt

Item No.: F-010

Material: 100% Cotton,Cotton+polyester

Description :

Biscuit Cotton Conveyor Belt belongs to non-standard product, which is weaved by heavy textile equipment by 100%cotton, polyester+cotton full cotton yarns.

Advantage:high weft density, high strength, flat surface,sturdy and durable non-toxic, tasteless, low elongation, 200°c heat resistance and non-stick to the products and conveyer belt, etc.

It is mainly used in heat resistant, oil resistant, skid resistant and non-toxic environmental food industry, such as biscuit making industry, and dough conveyor.

There are two types of cotton belts:open and endless.for the endless type we can make with hand sewing and with our new developed polyester spiral lacing(nylon hook).The spiral lacing is easy to instal the belt and protect the belt from scratched.

Cotton Conveyor belt
1.5mmMonolayer1200g/m²Open180℃Usually used in biscuit finishing and scrap conveying
2.0mmDouble layer1500g/m²Open/
180℃Usually used in biscuit finishing,drying
3.0mmDouble layer2000g/m²Open/
180℃Usually used in biscuit cooling
5.0mmDouble layer4000g/m²open180℃Usually used in flour mills