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Product name: Laundry Ironer Padding

Item No.: L-010

Material: Nomex (Aramid),Polyester,Nomex+polyester






Laundry ironer padding felts are also called ironer paddings and ironing felts. It’s an essential component of a chest-heated flatwork ironer or cylinder-heated flatwork ironer. It creates padding between the heated drum and the flatwork when ironing. And helps to prevent the flatwork from being damaged or scorched by the heat of the drum. And it also helps to create a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.
Our Laundry ironer padding felts use high-quality nomex/aramid and polyester raw material with specially made high-strength base cloth. And the padding felt is needled by heavy machinery and, on high-temperature heat setting finishing, has the advantage of being durable, having a low shrinkage rate, and breathing
L-011 100% polyester padding is suitable for the steam heating process. 100% polyester material and 200g companion high quality scrims, which is ideal for pressure less than 8 bar and temperature lower than 160 °c.
L-012 50% Nomex and 50% polyester ironing felt, which is suitable for the steaming machine whose pressure is up to 8 to 10 bar. If the working temperature is under 190°c, it can use for like boiler that uses steam, electricity, and gas.
L-013 100%Nomex Ironer Padding Felt is suitable for the gas heating process (gas-fired boiler); the temperature is up to 200°c-260°c, which is combined with 100% aramid fiber and companion scrims.
L-014 4000gsm Monoturn Ironer Padding, needle felt, is suitable for various laundry chest heated ironer machines. It is made of 100% polyester, meta-nomex/polyester, and 100% Nomex (aramid).
L-015 Ironing Board Press Padding is suitable for an ironing board press machine with a temperature below 160℃. It can make of 100% polyester or with heat resistance fiber.
 PTFE Aramid Fibrers Felt, consists of PTFE fibers above AND the 100% Aramid  base fabric,Particularly chemically resistant in the acid AND alkaline range, is ideal for high-quality ironing machine equipment.
The Ironing padding felts are make accordingly to your special size, with pieces or with rolls are ok. Can also sewing the cord as per your demand.