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Product name:   Laundry Belt Fastener And Installing Machine



L-060 Laundry Belt Fastener ,is major used to connect the laundry belt, which is suitable for all the cotton belt, ironer belt, polyester belt, PVC belt and non-skid rubber belt.

Our belt fastener is made of 316 stainless steel, and has the advantage of strong, wear-resisting and will not damage the belts.

L-064 Belt Fastener Machine, is use for connected the belts end after press the belt fastener on the belts.

L-061 25# Belt fastener
Wire Diameter: 0.6mm
Width:2” , 3” , 4” , 6” ,8” and 12”
It’s suitable for 1.5mm-2.5mm thickness conveyor belt, such as folding belt, polyester feeding belt and canvas belt.

L-062 1# Belt fastener
Wire Diameter: 1.0mm
Width:6” ,8” and 12”
It is suitable for 3mm-5mm thickness conveyor belt such as ironer belt, PVC belt.

Spiral Lace fasteners
Can used on both cotton belts and ironer belts.Don’t have sharp hook and won’t damage the fabric and belts.
It’s a ideal hook on laundry machines.

Alligator lacing fastener for laundry

Common use on polyester belts and woven belt

L-063 Vise (also called Mould), it’s made of high quality steel and used on 25# and 1# belt fastener
25# Vise width:100mm ,150mm
1# Vise width:150mm ,200mm,300mm

L-064-M Manual Hydraulic Press Machine
The machine opeator by manual with press pump,includes the vise,pump and machine

L-064-P Electric pedal belt fastener machine
The machine opeator electric padal,the operation on installing the fasteners is faster.includes the vise,padal and machine

L-065 Wire Pin
there has 2pins:
Nylon pin:usually used for 25#fastener,such as cotton belts, feeding belts ,size:1.6mm x 30m/roll
Steel core and blue nylon pin:usually used for 1#fastener,such as ironer belts,size:1.6mm x 30m/roll