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Alligator Belt Lacing
Product name: Belt Lacing

Item No.: HK-C-BL

Material: Stainless steel

Description :

Alligator Belt Lacing  also called Alligator Lacing, spike hook,belt lacing.

It is a one-piece design and  Hammer-applied;no special installation tools needed.
It can be used as conveyor and transmission belt and in sanitary operations.
Model number:0# 1# 7# 15# 25#.


Model interchange Material Belt Thickness Number/Box
C-BL0# stainless steel 1.0mm-2.0mm 1200mm*8pcs
C-BL1# stainless steel 2.0mm-3.0mm 1200mm*8pcs
C-BL7# stainless steel 30mm-4.0mm 1200mm*8pcs
C-BL15# stainless steel 4.0mm-5.0mm 1200mm*8pcs
C-BL25# stainless steel 5.0mm-6.0mm 1200mm*8pcs

We also have a new lacing type with connector .

Alligator Belt Lacing

Alligator Belt Lacing without connection

Alligator Belt Lacing

Alligator Belt Lacing with connection