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belt fasteer machine belt fasteer machine
belt fastener machine04 belt fastener machine04
belt fastener machine25 belt fastener machine25

Product name: Belt Fastener Machine For Light Industrial

Item No.: HK-C-0620

Material: Stainless steel,Steel

Description :

We provide kinds of belt fastener machine for light industrial fasteners.


C-0620 hydrailic jack press machine
Feature:easy to opeatat,with moderate price
Usage:for conveyor belt fastener 1# to 6#

belt fasteer machine

hydrailic jack press machine

belt fasteer machine

two sides face strip









C-0640 mechanical press machine
Feature:easy to operate,flexible.each machine has 3pcs face strip and you can choose any size you want.
Usage:1.for conveyor belt fastener 1# to 6#.
2.for Belt Lacing (Alligator Lacing)

belt fastener machine06

face strip

belt fastener machine04

mechanical press machine









C-0630-P Electric pedal belt fastener machine
Feature:includes a machine,a electric pada,a pump,25# vise &1# vise.It’s a upgraded version of C-0630
Usage: 1.laundry belt fastener
2.diameter is 1.0mm’s fastener (eg.CG1#,filter fastener)

laundry belt fastener machine

pedal machine



C-MR MR Belt Fastener Machine
Application: MR series fastener
Usage:Gradually install the MR series fastener with ease and speed.