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Food Drying Industry Belts Food Drying Industry Belts
Food Drying Industry Belts Food Drying Industry Belts

Product name:   PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt

Item No.: F-031

Product name:   Polyester Spiral Mesh

Item No.: F-032


Description :

F-031 PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt
Mesh type: 2*2mm, 4*4mm
PTFE coated fabrics are rated to resist temperatures up to
550°F (288°C), and also have excellent chemical.
*resistance and high-release properties.
*They are widely used in packaging industry, food industry,heat moulding, laminating, sealing and electricity.

F-032 Polyester Spiral Mesh
is mainly used in installation of artificial board factory net, the food drying, the material selection, environmental protection and other industry.
1.Polyester mesh belts are made from polyester fabric with monofilament warp and weft threads.
2.These mesh belts are primarily used for filtration, dewatering and drying of various products in continuous production applications.PVC or Polyurethane edging provides a clean hygienic seal to the edge of the mesh a must for the food industry.
3. The belts can be supplied fitted with stainless steel fasteners, castellate
Working temperature: 180°C