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calender machine blanket03 calender machine blanket03
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Calender Machine Blanket Calender Machine Blanket

Product name: Calender Machine Blanket

Item No.: ET-C5

Material: Nomex (Aramid),Polyester,Acrylic,Wool


Calender machine blanket or calender felt for dyeing and finishing calender machine. Calender machine blankets are used to ironing the fabric after wetting and drying to ensure that no marks remain on the knitted fabrics, leaving them evenly decatized and ironed,ensures an excellent handle.


Nomex mix polyester
polyester mix wool
2400-4500gr/m2Max.2800mmMax.4800mm6mm to 12mm


Nomex(aramid) calender felt or polyester calender felt, nomex(aramid) polyester calender blanket felt all should be used in humid environments. We use high quality polyester and aramid as raw materials to avoid any hydrolysis.