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Product name: Dryer Fabric Belt for Print Paper Machinery

Item No.: D-032

Description :

Dryer Fabric Belt for Print Paper Machinery ,(also called forming fabrics, dryer fabrics, filter belts), are usually made of abrasive resistant polyester.

Material: high quality Polyester monofilament in 100% PET.

Weave: spiral with or without stuffer yarns

which are widely used Filter Press Fabric for Paper Machine Clothing in Paper Pulp Washing and Drying:

Applied to press types:  of high-grade printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, packaging paper, high-grade paper board etc.

Loop Types of Press Filter Mesh:
single loop(mm)
Monofilament Dia.(mm)Strength (N/cm)Thickness (mm)Weight (m2kg)Air permeation m3/m2h
spiral loopThreading
Super loop4.8 x 100.91.123003.031.6421000
Large loop3.8 x 7.00.680.920002.451.418000
Medium loop3.5 x 6.00.680.920002.451.3116000
Small loop3.2 x