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Product name:  Endless Battery Pasting Belt

Item No.: C6-050 

Material:  Cotton and Synthetic Fibres

Description :

Endless battery pasting belts ,Battery plate endless pasting belt,a belt used in the pasting process of the lead plates in the battery manufacturing process.have been developed in close co-operation with battery manufacturers, belts come out “endless” from our production lines and need no further seam or splice.

There are two kinds:Seamless synthetic fibres Pasting Belt and traditional splice cotton battery plate belt.
Material: cotton + synthetic fibers and 100%cotton
Thickness :5mm-6mm-7mm-8mm-10mm
Elongation % < 10

The advantages of battery pasting belts are:
1. Longer duration of the belt
2. Surface with high abrasion resistance
3. Constant thickness
4. Truly endless surface
5. Dimensions upon customer’s request
Common size:2050*380 ,1770*400, 2540*330 ,3080*380

Relative product: Lead-acid battery grids belts and Lead powder conveyor belt
Features: seamless or steel hook link
Material: Cotton
Temperature resistance up to 380°C
Thickness: 3mm to 6mm
Width: 10mm to 1000mm
tensile strength: n/mm 380
size:6mm*190mm*7100mm(steel hook link)