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Endless battery pasting belts01
Endless battery pasting belts02
Endless battery pasting belts01

Product name:  Endless Battery Pasting Belt

Item No.: C6-050 

Material:  Cotton and Synthetic Fibres

Description :

Endless battery pasting belts have been developed in close co-operation with battery manufacturers, belts come out “endless” from our production lines and need no further seam or splice.

The endless belt has a remarkable stretching load, therefore its dimensional stability is excellent throughout the whole life; The belt runs straight on the pasting machine and does not move towards one side or another one because it is perfectly cylindrical; length and width do not change even under heavy working conditions, so belts can work hardly but in no case create slipping problems on the pasting machine rolls. 

Material: cotton and synthetic fibers 


1. Long duration of the belt  (long durable)
2. Higher abrasion resistance of the surface. 
3. Equal surface on the top and bottom of the belt as each belt is grinded to the measure, Equal thickness. (smooth surface)
4. Endless, without joint – all the surface of the belt is the same
5. Anti – acid & alkali