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Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited

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B-010 Flatwork ironer Padding

We choose high quality fiber, have experienced workers and superior techniques,the ironer cover padding are suitable for all brand of laundry flatwork Ironers.
B-011: 100%Polyester (Working temp max. 160 ° C.)
B-012: Polyester Meta-Aramid structure (Working temp max. 190 °C.)
B-013: 100%nomex (Working temp max. 240 °C.)
* Width up to 4200 mm 
* Thickness from 3mm to 22mm.
* Weight from 400g/m2 to 4500 g/m2 
* Length: can be processed into rolls (30m to 52m long) or cut to your desired size

B-010 Flatwork ironer Padding
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Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co., Limited
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Tel:(+86)20-87932699       Fax:(+86)20-87932639

E-mail: felt_belts@hkxinyun.com, sales@hkxinyun.com