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ET-S3 Sanforizing Felt

Sanforizing felt is use on sanforizing machine for finishing ,also called Palmer felt, shrinking felt, zero zero felt blanket, drying felt,the purpose of the sanforizing felt is Sanforized fabrics and Denim manufacture finishing,
Endless Sanforizing blanket are made of special technical grade fibres having high tensile strength, made of material are: Polyester, nomex(aramid), Acrylic ,Wool.

Product Details

Item Material Thickness Density

Working Temp.

A-031 100% Nomex 5-12mm

A-032 Nomex + Polyester 180℃-210℃
A-033 100% Polyester
A-034 Polyester + Wool 200℃

ET-S3  Sanforizing  Felt
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