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E-016 Rotary Joint

Rotating joints are used to transfer media from a stationary supply to a rotating component such as a drum or a roll.
Specifications: Pressure - 10,000 psi max • Temperature - 600 degrees F max • Speed - 3,500 RPM max • Sizes - 1/8" to 12" max
Media: Water • steam • hot oil • hydraulic fluid • non toxic - non flammable gases
Primary Industries: Chemical • printing • rubber • metals • textiles • plastics • food • paper • machine tools • building materials • construction equipment
Basic Applications: Provide heating or cooling media to control the surface temperature of a drum or roll, transfer air or hydraulic fluid to moving components, add fluids to mixers while in motion

Product Details

Material Copper and Cast Iron
water, oil
Rotating Speed

E-016 Rotary Joint
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