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D-020 Cement Felt/ Slurry Cloth Cement

Cement Felt also call Endless Asbestos Felts are used for making Fiber Cement, Roof Tiles, Asbestos Sheets and Pipes.

Slurry cloth cement, other names are: aerial cloth, skid canvas, sliding conveyorbelt, which is used to convey the cement dust in the air chute,to ensure smooth loading unloading of bulk cement powder
Type:woven fabric belt , and needle cloth
woven fabric: the material is 100%polyester, resistance temperature 150℃—180℃, thickness 6MM, density 4000G/㎡, maximum width: 1.2m
Tensile Strength: (kg/40mm)   >500      
Air-permeability (m3/m2.min): 2.0
Non-woven cloth felt material
Polyester, maximum temperature 180°c
Nomex, maximum temperature 180°c
Kevlar: maximum temperature 280°c
Thickness:6mm-12mm,maximum density 6000g
Width: Maximum 2.8m
Length: 50m/roll
Steady size, huge air-permeability, smooth surface, average airflow, all of this make the dust flowing more smooth and steadier.
Easy and convenient customizing, special width, thickness and material can be customized.

D-020 Cement Felt/ Slurry Cloth Cement
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