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L-010 Flatwork ironer Padding
L-010 Flatwork ironer Paddin
ET-P1 Heat Transfer Printing Felt
ET-P1 Heat Transfer Printing
ET-S3  Sanforizing  Felt
ET-S3 Sanforizing Felt
L-041 Folding Machine Belts
L-041 Folding Machine Belts
L-020 Ironer Belt
L-020 Ironer Belt
B-080 Bakery Wool Belt and Biscuit Webbing
B-080 Bakery Wool Belt and B
C-G Conveyor Belt Fasteners
C-G Conveyor Belt Fasteners
C-060 Laundry Belt Fastener Equipment
C-060 Laundry Belt Fastener
About Us

Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited is a self-production manufacturer for industrial felts and belts.

     We have rich experience and skilled workers,on textile finishing needle felts 

     Mainly related to textile finished felts,commercial laundry ironing belt, packaging cartons, bakeries and many other belts with excellent quality and reasonable price! 
     Our pursuit of product specialization, quality, serialized business philosophy. 
     Provide customers with professional, convenient and efficient service!

We are looking for  distributors and  2018-12-20
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Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co., Limited
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